Textural Clusters

Reminiscent of barnacles growing on the prow of a ship or coral colonies under the sea, Jennifer Prichard's porcelain sculpture work is deeply influenced by nature, repetition, and patterns. Even the pieces that are not nature-inspired are based on repeating shapes and patterns. Trained as a ceramic sculptor and potter, she relies on common ceramic processes such as hand-forming, molding, and wheel-throwing to create the individual shapes that make up her wall compositions and tiles.

For her compositions, the porcelain pieces are installed directly onto wall surfaces and other architectural elements, in designs and patterns that are dictated by the project space. Although she has a standard repertoire of shapes, Prichard frequently custom designs the porcelain pieces in shapes that resonate with the client.

Courtesy J Prichard Design

Nearly 25 color glazes are available, and color also can be incorporated into the porcelain body for more complex effects. Prichard says that even left raw and unglazed, the porcelain pieces have an attractive glassy finish. J Prichard Design. 512.922.2968. www.jpricharddesign.com.

Clarity of Grain

Wood finisher Bob Chickey uses only natural resins and an array of shellacs from around the world to create custom finishes that enhance—not hide—the natural beauty of wood. His objective, he says, is to achieve total clarity in a finish. A shimmering chatoyancy is characteristic of his work.


Courtesy RCP Fine Finishthing from architectural details to individual pieces of furniture can benefit from his skill with traditional hand-applied techniques. Each finish is developed specifically to the requirements of the client. He can match nearly any finish and recreate authentic period finishes. RCP Fine Finish. 763.545.9447. www.rcpfinefinish.com.