Phoenix architect/builder Andy Byrnes is our 2012 Custom Builder of the Year

Andy Byrnes innovates his way forward.

Andy Byrnes brings his architecture-driven design/build model to a market near you.

jay true (left) and jim murphy of jim murphy and associates.

Custom Builder of the Year 2011: Jim Murphy & Associates

Jim Murphy & Associates is a custom building company as sound and fully realized as...


The Natural

If one were to design a curriculum for aspiring high-end urban custom builders, it...


Joe Bohm and George Fritz do well by doing what's right.


Custom Builder of the Year

  • 2008 Custom Builder of the Year

    Beck Building Co. maintains three offices, employs between 50 and 60 people, supports a subcontractor community several times larger than that, and generates some $40 million in annual volume. And Beck himself has come close to completing the arc of a successful career. Having started from scratch...

  • Green Day

    “You don't get carsick do you?” The question comes from David Warner, at the wheel of his white Toyota Prius.

  • Wise Choice

    In the fine in-town neighborhoods and high-end suburbs of Minneapolis, Choice Wood is the custom builder and remodeler that everyone knows.

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    Custom Builder of the Year

    Every company collects stories about itself. They constitute a kind of oral history, the means by which a company defines and perpetuates its own culture. Ask anyone at Hobbs Inc. about Hutch Hutchison, and you'll hear about the day he stood up to one of the most powerful men in the business world...

  • Custom Builder of the Year: Intelligence Gathering

    A world-beating company runs on the power of ideas.

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    Staying Stoked

    Today Wardell's passion encompasses not only building the best houses he can -- and his are among the finest we've seen anywhere -- but also the constant development and improvement of his company.