2012 Pacesetter Award Winners


Pacesetters 2012: Bob Griffiths and Wayne Rowland, Griffiths Construction

Custom builders Bob Griffiths and Wayne Rowland approach their new-home and restoration projects with the same standard: perfection.


Pacesetters 2012: David Escobedo, Escobedo Construction

Custom builder and stone masonry guru David Escobedo brings high-tech efficiency to...


Pacesetters 2012: Ed Bulgin, Bulgin & Associates

A passion for excellence led custom builder Ed Bulgin to a secure niche in the highest...

john brink of brink custom homes in tahoe city, calif.

Pacesetters 2012: John Brink, Brink Custom Homes

John Brink readies his Lake Tahoe company for the future.


Pacesetters 2012: Jon Berndsen, Berndsen Custom Homes

Custom builder Jon Berndsen combines a thorough grounding in current construction...


Pacesetters 2012: Ken Rideout, Newhaven Builders

Ken Rideout of Newhaven Builders knows how to handle California's historic homes.

don forsman of welch forsman associates in minneapolis.

Pacesetters 2012: Pete Welch and Don Forsman

When Don Forsman and Pete Welch met 30 years ago, both were Minnesota natives starting...

rick juneau of bulley & andrews in chicago.

Pacesetters 2012: Rick Juneau, Bulley & Andrews

Bulley & Andrews' Residential & Restoration division continues the company's tradition...


Pacesetters 2012: Rob MacNeille, Carpenter & MacNeille

Design/build architect Rob MacNeille's firm upholds a tradition that values both...

tom glass of glass construction, washington, d.c.

Pacesetters 2012: Tom Glass, Glass Construction

Tom Glass of Glass Construction makes old houses livable for today.


2011 Pacesetter Award Winners


A Napa, Calif., Custom Builder Diversifies Into Commercial Work

Mark Grassi builds wineries and restaurants as well as custom residences.


Small Projects Prove Big Advantage for Mid-Atlantic Custom Builder

ILEX Construction & Woodworking's services division has helped carry the company through the recession.


Tonic Design brings cutting-edge architecture to the design/build model

Vincent Petrarca's design/build firm competes with top architects in design and with...


A Sarasota, Fla., custom builder finds a side gig in expert witness work

When he's not building beautiful custom homes, Michael K. Walker provides expert...


John Abrams established an energy services division to help boost business

A pioneering green custom builder stays at the forefront of a rapidly developing field.


2010 Pacesetter Awards

  • Staffer Andrew Morphis performs a blower door test on a renovation designed and built by Green Hammer for the owner of the local woodworking shop The Joinery.

    Stephen Aiguier

    Portland, Ore.-based Green Hammer views green building through a holistic lens.

  • Joe Smallwood

    Joe Smallwood

    Joe Smallwood builds durable, low-maintenance, energy efficient houses that still put his high-end clients in the lap of luxury.

  • Peter Kilpatrick

    Life on an island creates an acute awareness of the need for conservation.


2008 Pacesetter Awards

  • Jeff and Richard Stone

    With degrees in construction management, economics, and business administration, brothers Jeff and Rich Stone bring an impressive...

  • Michael Chad Loper

    No one knows more about making lemons from lemonade than Chad Loper. The coastal Alabama builder found his entire community devastated by...

  • Craig Rakowski

    Wauwatosa, Wis., builder Craig Rakowski felt good about his company's customer service program. But he also knew there must be ways to make...


2007 Pacesetter Awards

  • Chris Ettel

    About 10 years ago, Chris Ettel and his employees found a way to help their community, their industry, and their own company at the same...

  • Ramon H. Garcia

    A building company's customer service program depends on continuity.

  • Tim Frost

    When Tim Frost decided to shift his custom building and remodeling company to the design/build model, he had already been in business for...


2006 Pacesetter Awards

  • Guy Loisi

    In the Scottsdale, Ariz., area where Guy Loisi works, it is common for general contractors to employ no more than a supervisory site crew.

  • Clayton Nishikawa

    Maui, Hawaii, architect Clayton Nishikawa would have been perfectly content to design custom homes and leave the building to somebody else...

  • Jim Murphy

    Building a fine custom home is a complex and exacting task; building a business to repeat that performance on a routine basis is a whole...


2005 Pacesetter Awards

  • Image

    Mark A. Perlman

    Mark Perlman has spent 23 years in the home building business—23 successful years, at that.

  • Image

    Jerry Bonner

    During the summer of 2003, Jerry Bonner started in on the biggest house he'd ever built.

  • Image

    Andrew Wright Suman

    Röhe & Wright Builders made a gutsy decision in 2004.


2004 Pacesetter Awards

  • Image

    Keith Shelly

    “I would be building homes whether or not I needed to do it for a living,” Keith Shelly says of the profession that has been his passion...

  • Image

    Michael Cook

    As a land developer, Michael Cook saw firsthand the damage that bad customer relations could have on a building company.

  • Image

    Steve and Betty Nickel

    For Steve and Betty Nickel, the task of designing a house and the task of building it have always been inseparable.


2002 Pacesetter Awards

2001 Pacesetter Awards