Featured Outdoor Space


Outdoor Pool Pavilion in Texas

A sunrise-to-sunset pavilion puts down Texas roots.

A sunrise-to-sunset pavilion puts down Texas roots.


The Best of Custom Home Outdoors

Our jurors admired the project's "very clean plan, contextual use of materials, and the expression of an agricultural building."

Hupomone Ranch, Petaluma, Calif.

This weekend house for a young family is designed with passive and active energy-conserving systems that allow for indoor-outdoor living.

Residential Roof Deck Review

Sitting on a roof can feel like sitting on top of the world. And considering how little it takes to make a roof habitable, a deck up top may deliver the biggest bang for the buck in residential construction.

Local Hero

Americans have been developing and refining the single-family suburban home for more than a century, and the form continues to evolve, reflecting changes in lifestyle and family relations.


Award-Winning Outdoor Spaces

Town Mountain Residence, Asheville, N.C.

If outdoor spaces are well located near primary interior living areas then they’ll get used--as is the case with this award-winning project.

Cove House, Austin, Texas

2013 Builder's Choice and Custom Home Design Awards Merit Winner for Outdoor Space

The renovation of an existing cottage included a 630-square-foot additionfamily room down, master suite above--a detached garage with a planted roof (visible in foreground), and updated outdoor spaces.

The Shack

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Design Awards Merit Award for Outdoor Space


Green Outdoors


The Sustainable Sites Initiative Looks at the Possibilities of Creating Restorative Landscapes

The Sustainable Sites Initiative elevates the importance of landscape.

environmental regulations made permeable landscaping a requirement for this 2-acre parcel, on oyster harbors overlooking west bay in osterville, mass. stephen stimson associates landscape architects designed a driveway with a grassy median and dry-laid bricks in a deep, drainable construction base.

Hold the Hardscape

A thoughtfully designed house may enhance the landscape at large, but the act of constructing it wreaks terrible havoc on the soil.