Are the psychedelic patterns of the 70's back in style? Maybe not, but elaborate patterns seem to be catching on in interior design. Some are calling it a backlash against the trend for minimalism, says's Natalie Way.

“You’ll often see the design world go from one extreme to the other,” says interior designer Larina Kase. “We get tired of one look and crave something very different. People don’t want to have their homes or businesses look like everyone else’s. This trend will help you stand out.”

But all buyers may not love the flashy appearance. Way provides a few tips for realistic ways to incorporate patterned decor into a home design:

Make art from fabric
Kase recommends making a grid of four different but coordinated patterns by stretching patterned fabric over stretcher bars (used for painting canvases). Hang the fabric art as a group. (Bonus: They’re easy to take down later.)

Go to the window
Window treatments are a great place for pattern. “If doing entire drapes in the pattern is too much, use the pattern for a trim detail or a color-blocked bottom of the drape,” says Kase.

Start small, but not too small
Yes, you can add a patterned throw pillow to your sofa. But to show your true creativity, go for a headboard in a patterned fabric, bold patterned floor tiles in a small foyer, or an upholstered set of chairs to pair with your leather sofa. “It doesn’t have to be the biggest element of a room, but you’ll get far more wow factor if you show some level of commitment to the pattern,” says designer Danielle DeDoe Harper.

Don’t shy away from mixing patterns
“The trick is to unify the room with one color family so as to trick the eye into not being overwhelmed by pattern,” says textile designer Carolyn Rebuffel, of Workroom C. So if you have a couple of patterns that you’d love to include in the same room, make sure they’re close to the same color. Some of our designers’ favorite pattern combos? Kase loves mixing a small-scale geometric print with a larger Asian ikat or Persian suzani print. She also recommends an animal print with a simple geometric.

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