The puzzle piece stonework of this fireplace was designed “to look like an object sitting in the room,” says project architect David Leonard. One big, projecting rock forms a quasi-inglenook and another the massive mantle. Granite boulders of various colors and shapes fit together in an asymmetrical pattern that creates rock projections for display. The rustic fireplace is flanked by the delicate woodwork of vertical grain fir and glass cabinets scribed to the stone on each side. One cabinet door hides a “woodwaiter”—a dumb-waiter system used to bring wood up from the basement. Builder: Michael Hewes & Co., Blue Hill, Maine; Architect: Elliott, Elliott & Norelius, Blue Hill; Stonemason: Freshwater Stone and Brickwork, Orland, Maine; Floor painting: Nicole Herz, Bar Harbor, Maine; Photographer: Brian Vanden Brink.