CURBED's Jenny Xie rounds up 10 of the best tiny houses from 2016, used for everything from housing the homeless to short-term rentals and full-time residences.

All clocking in at under 400 square feet, these designs, including one built from a shipping container to several solar-powered structures, show how tiny house design has evolved this year—so much that a tiny house appendix was approved for inclusion in the latest edition of the national building code.

In October, the nation’s first tiny house competition for college students went down in Northern California, and Santa Clara University’s 238-square-foot rEvolve House took home the top honor. Built of energy-efficient Structural Insulated Panels, the off-grid design runs on eight 330w Sunmodule solar panels, stores energy in Cradle-to-Cradle-certified saltwater batteries, and can rotate on a Colossun solar tracking ring to follow the sun and maximize solar efficiency.

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