The winners of the Outdoor Spaces and Accessory Building categories share a common philosophy of using jewel box buildings to generate graceful al fresco living in the interstitial areas.  Projects consist of compact structures that act as backdrops for their natural settings—one pair is connected by a formal allee and sculpture garden while the other set utilizes matching roof gardens to blend into a more abstract landscape. Protection from sun and rain is balanced with enjoyment of breezes and expansive views as demonstrated with the outdoor living area in the Guest Pavilion and the Play Yard in Tucson. 

Similar in concept, the architects for the winning accessory buildings also devoted significant time to thinking about how building placement would affect adjacent outdoor areas. Robert M. Gurney, who designed the Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion featured in the accompanying slideshow, says of his design that “its relationship to the house, swimming pool, and landscape components was as important as the building itself.” 

Outdoor bathing is also making a strong showing in our annual Design Awards. Once an afterthought of an exposed fixture tacked onto an exterior wall, outdoor showers are becoming destinations in their own right. Recent winners feature natural materials executed in complex and artistic designs that manipulate light while providing privacy and airflow. Enjoy these elegant yet breezy spaces in the accompanying slideshow.