the simple color palette is a foil for the varied cabinetry.

Linden Hills Cottage, Minneapolis

Good proportions, elegant details, and a simple color palette make this kitchen the crown jewel of a new house in an old Minneapolis...

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  • Healthy Living in Seattle

    The client’s intense desire to live in a house that was good for her family and the environment inspired architect Bradley Khouri to design...

  • Architect John DeForest opened up the public areas into a roomy kitchen and dining space while moving the living room to a more private and cozy location.

    Mid- Century Modernized

    Uncovering the best parts of a good house and then getting out fo the way is sometimes the best design approach to take.

  • Madrona house, the Kucher residence, 3425 Denny Way, Seattle, Washington.

Client, Tyler Engle Architects, photographed, 2008_0329

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    Madrona Live / Work, Seattle

    2013 Builder's Choice and Custom Home Design Awards Merit Winner for Architectural Interiors



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