More New Houses


Peaks View Residence, Wilson, Wyo.

Carney Logan Burke designed a family friendly residence in Jackson Hole.


Hover House 2, Los Angeles

An outdoor terrace at the entryway gives major rooms garden access and eliminates the...


Lujan House, Ocean View, Del.

Our judges admired the quality of light and clean materials used for this house on the...



the home is almost unrecognizable from its old self and is a showplace at night.

Merit Award, Whole-House Remodeling Over $500,000: Suburban Renewal

A drab split-level home is transformed into a modern showpiece with the addition of a...

the new dining area opens out to the garden via folding doors. the deep porch shades it from hot afternoon summer sun.

Merit Award, Whole-House Remodeling Over $500,000: Cool and Efficient

A charming Victorian home gets a revamp and improved connection to the garden.

the new family and breakfast area lead to a covered porch and a patio with a fireplace.

Merit Award, Green Remodeling Over $250,000: Original Blend

Modern technology comes to bear on an 1888 home that needed an energy-efficient...


Green Houses


GREENville House, Greenville, N.C.

A new North Carolina house combines contemporary design with modern technology to reach an exemplary level of sustainability.


Guests Houses / Outbuildings


O'Brien Pool Pavilion, Greenwich, Conn.

Combining a roofed shelter and a trellised seating area, this pool pavilion draws on traditional Indian architecture.