Located on the west side of picturesque Camano Island in Puget Sound, the Saratoga Hill house was designed for an empty nester couple who wanted to downsize to a smaller, low-maintenance home on the water after living for years in a large house in the Seattle suburbs. As a boy, the husband and his family spent summers in a cabin on the property and he wanted a modern, new house to continue the tradition for his children and grandchildren.

Vacationers and snowbirds alike flock to the 40-square-mile island for a secluded getaway from the city, and the Saratoga Hill house, which has no road access, is especially remote. The owners must park in a common parking lot and walk to the house along a path that runs adjacent to the beach bulkhead.

This location made construction a challenge, says architect Dan Nelson of Seattle-based Designs Northwest Architecture. Workers had to carry the wet concrete for the home’s footings in batches on a forklift from the common parking area, and the contractor used a custom chute to pour the concrete from a basket into the footing forms on site.

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