Here's the Phoenix Business Journal on a custom home builder who designs using Building Information Modeling and then uses data from there to create a virtual reality tour for the home buyer.

Scottsdale-based Cullum Homes Inc. is among the first home builders in the country, and the first in Arizona, to use virtual reality to digitally put a new home owner inside their custom home.

The virtual reality allows the client to see the view from their living room window and the custom features inside their home.

The luxury home design, build and renovations firm has invested at least $100,000 in hardware, software and training hours on the virtual reality.

With all the design work done in Building Information Modeling, the next phase of Computer Aided Design, the client, architects, construction and engineers can all see a digital representation of what will be constructed and have better collaboration, said Lindsay Cullum-Colwell, a project architect for Cullum Homes.

“This gives a VR experience for all,” Cullum-Colwell said. “In BIMs world we create a 3D virtual model to physically walk through the home, actually showing custom appliances, fixtures, doors and windows inside the home.”

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