Every year, Creekside Middle School, Carmel, Ind., has hundreds of its students competing in the Sunrise Home Design Challenge. The challenge requires student teams to plan out and design their own homes using 3D computer technology. "They do complicated math to figure out how to make these houses as energy efficient as possible," Adam Aasen, a judge from this year's competition, writes for CURRENT IN CARMEL.

To make the homes energy efficient, students incorporated big windows to help heat the home in the winter, installed solar panels on the roofs, and planted evergreen trees on one side of the home to block cold winter winds. The winning team gets their plans drawn up by Old Town Design Group. According to Old Town's founder, Justin Moffett, his group actually used a design feature from last year's winner in a home that will be built later this year.


I asked Moffett if these 12- and 13-year-old students would end up working for him one day.

“I don’t know if I can afford them,” he said. “These kids are going places. These are pretty smart and talented kids.”

It was hard to decide which teams were the best. There were professional brochures, expertly edited video presentations, hand-made architectural models, precise charts/graphs and well-rehearsed speeches.

“I think I’m most impressed with the technology that students use,” Moffett said. “We had 3D walk-arounds of the model and 3D-printed models. It’s amazing.”

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