Each week ARCHITECT features innovative products and materials in our Object of the Moment series. These top five objects, ranging from decorative to industrial, were the most popular from this year. Follow the links to discover more about each one:

Courtesy Prin London

Rust by Prin London
The natural beauty of metal oxidization is highlighted in this collection of decorative accessories.

Courtesy Velux

Dynamic Dome by Velux
This resilient commercial skylight features complex geometries in its glazing to direct more natural light into building interiors.

Courtesy Vauni

Cupola by Vauni
This wall-mounted globular fireplace lends futuristic flair to any living room.

Courtesy Woojai Lee

Paper Bricks by Woojai Lee
Old newspapers get a second life as multifunctional blocks that are structurally sturdy, but soft to the touch.

Courtesy Besler & Sons

Props by Besler & Sons
These minimalist blocks add bursts of color to interiors and serve a host of decorative functions.

This article originally appeared on our sister site ARCHITECT.