Bits of Glass
Like special pieces of jewelry, art glass pulls and handles from Windborne Studios have a certain flair that can give the finishing touch to cabinetry. The various gem tones, candy colors, and iridescent shimmers as well as crusted-crystalline surfaces, spots, stripes, and dichroic effects are created by glass artist Tammy Newhof.

For her Series 1 and Series 2 collections, comprising 14 lines, each piece of glass is hand-cut and then fired to achieve designs that swing between whimsical and elegant. Newhof can create custom pieces by changing the size or shape of standard pulls and knobs, altering the colors, or incorporating graphics into the design. Other hardware designs, such as shower door handles or coat hooks, also can be created.

For clients wanting to truly personalize a piece, her partner laser-applies images onto the top layer of the glass. Newhof says drawings, words, initials, logos, and faces can all be applied to the glass pieces. 616.808.3542.

Outré Limits
Wood artist Kent Ezzell's designs dwell in the gray area between art and traditional woodworking. The art world considers his work “pretty tight,” he says, while the woodworking world thinks it is “way out there.” It's a niche he acknowledges as somewhat strange.

Aaron Hewitt Photo

But that eccentricity is born of a desire to tell a story about the people living in the homes that will feature his doors and casework. Entry door projects really get him excited. “I use the entryway as an opportunity to tell the rest of the world that someone different lives in the house,” Ezzell says.

His doors tell the client's story in a three-dimensional combination of carved wood, layers of sandblasted or stained glass (inside sealed glazing units), and lighting. Some door designs incorporate stained glass shapes outlined with carved wood; Ezzell calls this unusual technique “wooded glass.” He regularly pushes his chosen materials to the extremes of their use. Exterior carvings are typically mirrored on the door interiors, making the design as much for the homeowners as for visitors. Clients report that they love to watch the light change the design throughout the day and night. 541.387.5371.