Since its inception in 2011, the Galley has been a custom sink solution for custom kitchens that demand a hardworking prep, entertainment, and clean-up space. Galley's new-generation Ideal Workstation (IWS) advances the original multifunction platform with more sizes and creative solutions.

The IWS is available in six lengths - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, all named for the required outside counter length in feet (inside dimensions are slightly shorter), with custom lengths also available. Every model capitalizes on a double-tiered interior design in which an inside ledge allows certain accessories to slide below others for maximum usability and versatility. In the smaller IWS 2, 3, and 4 models, accessories are designated as upper or lower-tier, while accessories for the IWS 5, 6, and 7 are all dual-tier. 

The breadth of available accessories is what truly brings the IWS to life. Each sink comes with a Culinary Kit of products suited to the size of the sink. A five-piece kit for the smaller IWS 2 and 3 includes a cutting board, platform, deluxe bowl, deluxe colander, and drain rack. The 11-piece kit for the IWS 7, includes four cutting boards, two deluxe bowls, two deluxe colanders, two dual-tier platforms, and a dual-tier drain rack. The kits make product easier, and customers can purchase additional items separately, including creative solutions, such as:

  • Condiment serving board for burger toppings, salad bars, and more (show at right)

  • Bottom sink divider to section off part of the sink as an ice chest (shown at right)
  • Half-sheet pan
  • Garnish board for mise en place and small garnishes
  • Countertop knife block (shown at right)

Customers can choose accessories in natural bamboo or restaurant-grade white or black high-density resin. Additionally, the IWS 3 through 7 can be installed with the drain located on the left or right side of the sink to help maximize usable under-sink storage. The sinks require only standard cabinet depths and have 10-inch basins to accommodate large pots and pans. As a system, the Galley IWS gives homeowners a place to prep, serve, entertain, and clean-up no matter what the occasion calls for.