CURBED's Kayla Matthews rounds up the advantages and disadvantages of smart locks, which have become one of the most popular home tech products in the country.

For many homeowners, some of the most significant pros of smart locks are that they are remotely accessible via smartphones, and that users can authorize access for multiple people simultaneously. On the other hand, like all technology, it sometimes fails. And, many smart locks only work with deadbolts. All things considered, NextMarket Research predicts that smart lock market will grow to a worldwide value of $3.6 billion by 2019.

Maybe you’re about to go out of town on a European backpacking trip for three months and have various people lined up to water your plants, pick up the mail, and pet sit during your absence. Smart locks make it possible to provide unique access codes for each person. If you were using a traditional key-based system, you’d have to go to a key-cutting shop and get physical keys made for the authorized parties or (possibly worse) leave your key in a secret spot outside where anyone could access it.

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