Courtesy Acuity Brands

4” Evo Tunable White, Acuity Brands
Gotham Lighting’s LED downlights now feature Mainstream Dynamic technology by Acuity Brands. This color tuning feature provides a greater level of control when selecting a luminaire’s color temperature options. Designers can choose between Warm Dimming

, Tunable White, and Architainment Color settings for dimmable warm-white, natural, and saturated RGBW color options, respectively.

The 4” Evo Tunable White fixture comes in four distinct color temperature ranges: Rhythm (2700K to -6500K), Productivity (3000K to 5000K), Layers (2000K to 5000K), and Atmosphere (1800K to 4300K) at a CRI of 90. Each color range provides between 678 to 1,857 delivered lumens and is meant to bring the feel of natural light indoors. The 4" Evo operates on 120V or 277V and is available in open, square, open wallwash, and square-lensed wallwash options. Aperture and trim colors are available in seven hues including pewter, white, and gold.

This article originally appeared in Architectural Lighting Magazine.