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Hillside Residence



  • Ford Strei Builders


2,170 sq. feet
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This   1,000-square-foot bungalow on a hillside site was radically transformed by a sculptural 1,100-square-foot addition. The dilapidated original building was remodeled and painted in stark white to provide a strong contrast to the black-stained cypress-clad pavilion that’s attached to its rear—a glass walkway in between now serves as the entrance, an explicit allusion to Marcel Breuer’s 1943 Bi-Nuclear House proposal.
The renovated existing house holds private spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms. The addition has an open plan of kitchen, dining, and living spaces on the first floor, with an office and bath above. While the two structures emphasize the differences between old and new and private and public, the designers  convey a sense of continuity across the two buildings by using salvaged lumber throughout both structures.  -Edward Keegan

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