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A 403-square-foot kitchen provides the link between two existing apartments that have been combined into a new 3,500-square-foot unit. The architects created a space that allows for easy circulation while providing the apartment with a new, centrally located communal destination for the family.

A casual dining area within the kitchen is linked to a more formal dining room across a central hall, allowing for natural light from two directions. White marble countertops and backsplashes highlight framed white cabinetry, which, combined with a light gray palette, provides a crisp aesthetic.

Full-height cabinets line the interior wall and frame stainless steel built-in appliances; low cabinets on other walls enhance the sense of openness in the room. A matching island creates a central focus for gathering. Wide-board, dark-stained wood flooring runs throughout the apartment, providing a continuous ground to the relatively traditional room layout.

Located on the top floor of the building, 1 1/2 feet of extra ceiling height was found by eliminating an above-ceiling plenum while replacing the HVAC system. New insulation within the attic improves energy efficiency for the apartment and building. —Edward Keegan

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