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    Basic Green

    In regard to going green, it's easy for everyone to lose sight of the fundamentals that ensure a lower-impact house.



Custom Market Watch

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    An App for Stats

    A new app from the Census Bureau combines its suite of economic indicators into one handy app.

  • Making the Grade

    A new website ranks banks for their capacity to lend to small businesses.


Master Class

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    Running to Daylight

    Custom builder Jerry Meek met the recession head on, and his company is stronger for it.


K+B Studio


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    Social Engineering

    Expanded and updated, this kitchen finally catches up with the rest of a sophisticated mid-century house.



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    Two to One

    Combining two small mid-century baths yields a master bath masterpiece.


On Site

  • The Suncrest Residence on Orcas Island, Washington. Designed by Heliotrope Architects.© Benjamin Benschneider All rights Reserved. Usage rights may be arranged by contacting Benjamin Benschneider Photography. Email: bbenschneider@comcast.net or phone 206-789-5973

    The Long View

    Site-sensitive architecture and construction marry this new island house with its extraordinary place on the earth.



What's New

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    Cutting Edge

    A new backsplash from Viola Park serves triple duty.

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    Quiet Copper

    The insulated undercoat on ROHL's commercial-grade, copper-plated reduces splash-back noise.

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    The Past Recast

    The 1908 range packs a century of power in vintage design.

  • Appealing Arc

    The arced spout and slender spray head fit with contemporary, modern, or transitional design.

  • Holding Pattern

    Heat settings on this warming drawer include low, medium, high, moist, and crisp.

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    Look of Intrigue

    Italian for the word "surprise," the collection hides kitchen ventilation.

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    Lighter Looks

    This contemporary chandelier holds 24 LEDs and projects light upward and downward.

  • Otium wall covering pattern by Trove.

    Treasure Trove

    A new wall covering comes in a range of surface materials and features images of broken objects.

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    Worn Wood

    This wear is factory-made with colorful highlights to the wood's rough spots.

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    Plain Geometry

    The Mack Collection's geometry creates planes and shadows on the bronze-patina hardware.

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    Big Ass Fans toned down its industrial-sized fans into a residential model with a cool-running motor.

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    Great Scott

    European Home added colored interiors and surrounds to its contemporary Vision gas fireplaces.

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    Coats of Armor

    Two coats of this indoor/outdoor paint give accent pieces the look of hand-hammered metal.

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    Clean Slate

    Ceramic Coal flooring's charcoal tones and gray mottling mimic the visual depth and dimension of coal.

  • Old-World Glaze

    These tiles are kiln-fired twice to make sure the mosaic's crevices are glazed.

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    Active Gains

    New shingles from Dow turn the roof into an active solar collector.

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    Tough Shell

    A proprietary blend makes this pultruded fiberglass siding stronger than fiber cement, the company says.

  • A-Series Casement Windows, White Interior, Specified Equal Light Grille Pattern (2 wide x 2 tall), Custom Arch Specialty Fixed Window, White Interior, Custom Grilles

    Custom Collection

    Andersen's Architectural Collection lets builders pick windows based on architectural styles or design their own.

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    Double Flush

    Users can choose between using 1.0 or 1.6 gallons per flush.

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    Ergonomic Curves

    The Cabrits sink and tub both feature ergonomic curvature.

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    Glass Box

    Clear glass walls enclose this shower booth that lets users set the temperature before stepping inside.

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    Combo Deal

    Designers can choose from more than 70 faucets, washbasins, tubs, shower parts, and other accessories in this customizable collection.

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    Mirror, Mirror

    Duravit's Universal Mirrors can be paired with a range of design styles.

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    Selv Expression

    Dornbracht designed its SELV fittings to mesh with classic and contemporary spaces.


Outdoor Products

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    Capital Idea

    A non-porous, inorganic composite fiberglass reinforced resin and marble dust allow these columns to function as load-bearing elements inside and outside.

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    Fire Light

    The wood-burning moduar fireplace allows for a custom-built look without the hassle.

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    Mod Wash

    This pre-fab shower connects to a garden hose and can be stowed away in the winter.


Last Detail

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    Safe Design

    This private residence near Bellevue, Wash., incorporates an indoor/outdoor pool divided by a garage-style door and designed with child safety in mind.


Custom Home Outdoors

Outdoor Indulgences

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    Concrete Statements

    Concreteworks' pavers and hardscapes can be customized to meet even the toughest project specs.


The Green Outdoors

Case Study

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    Natural History

    A house in Hawaii cultivates the space between nature and nurture.