Top Design Studio Features

  • A Coastal Cottage, Built the Modern Way

    Built in a 110 mph wind zone on the dunes of Cape Cod, a shingled cottage responds to its site while capitalizing on the views and using modern construction methods.

  • Delicate Building in the Tucson Desert

    Building a new house in the fragile desert landscape requires thought and precision. Tucson, Ariz., natives Teresa Rosano and Luis Ibarra, founders of Ibarra Rosano Design Architects, understand the inherent beauty that should be treated with extreme care when building in virgin desert settings.

  • Kitchen With a View, Chicago

    When former clients bought the property next door to their Cohen and Hacker-designed house, they enlisted the architects to renovate their kitchen so it would have expansive views of the new gardens they’d created.

  • A Deluxe Outdoor Kitchen, Poolside

    It may be tucked away and minimalist in spirit, but this outdoor kitchen is loaded with great looks and ideal kitchen features. What better way to make each lovely day last as long as possible?

  • Wood House, Designed by Brininstool + Lynch

    When a client couldn't find an appropriate warehouse to renovate into a single-family home in Chicago, principal Brad Lynch created a modern home that references the neighborhood's industrial past.

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    Colorado Mountain Home in Aspen

    A stacked-log Colorado mountain house is a year-round retreat and takes its cues from the great lodges of the western United States.

  • The houses silhouette echoes the forms of the surrounding landscape.

    Wyoming Vacation Home Mirrors Its Rocky Mountain Site

    With the Rocky Mountains as a staggering backdrop, a contemporary Wyoming vacation home manages to mirror the beauty of its vast and gorgeous surroundings.

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    Remodeling a 19th-Century Loft

    In a 19th-century San Francisco loft building, the remodel features an open floor plan and a minimalist design strategy. The result is impressively light and transparent.

  • Successful Rooftop Transformation in Chicago

    A Chicago roof garden is lush and private, thanks to hardy plants, shoji screens, and well-camouflaged mechanicals.

  • Country Club Kitchen, Edina, Minn.

    “The kitchen improves the whole design of the house,” enthused our jurors about this renovation project.